Eco-Appraisal of Wetlands in Birbhum District, West Bengal, India

Год: 2013
Автор: Santanu Gupta,Debnath Palit and Ambarish Mukherjee
Издательство: LAP Lambert Academic Publishing
Wetlands the beauty of nature and the wealth of future could survive if we let them free and set our goals, keeping in mind the wise use by RAMSAR.Wetland ecosystem maintain a delicate balance of soil,water, plant, animal and atmospheric constituents in order to regulate water quality, flow and flooding. This book offers an in depth look at the wetland inventory, characterization, macrophytes, birds and piscifaunal status in the district of Birbhum. Written both as a text book and as a professional reference book, Appraisal of wetlands in Birbhum District, West Bengal, India detailed the research findings efficiently. With its global scope this book is a unique and valuable tool both for students and for practitioners. The authors also include their field observations and perceptions which may be useful for policy makers and planners regarding the sustainable wise utilization of wetlands and its resources both nation or worldwide.